Start Your Journey of Discipleship

I'd like to be discipled. I'd like to be a discipleship guide.

At Richwoods Christian Church we believe that being a Jesus follower has two key components. The first is loving God and others with all our heart, soul, mind and strength! The second is accepting His invitation to go and make disciples who in turn make disciples of Jesus themselves. Here at Richwoods we call this the Journey of Discipleship. It is not only one of our callings as a church, but also at the center of everything we do within our church, homes, and community. We invite you to consider taking this next step in your spiritual journey.

Discipleship FAQs

What is a “disciple”?

A disciple is a learner. When Jesus walked the earth he had learners who watched his life, listened to his words, and then went and imitated what they saw. A disciple grows under the teaching of their discipleship guide and then goes and makes disciples themselves!

Who will I meet with?

One of the things that we celebrate and enjoy is seeing how people get paired together. Once you submit interest in being discipled we ask God to guide us to the right person to take this journey with you. This is one way that people get connected, but there is another way! You may know a discipleship guide already and they agree to be your guide. We love when existing relationships exist that turn into discipleship relationships. So whether you know someone already, or don’t have any connections yet, we can help you get started with the right person for this journey of discipleship.

How do I get paired with a discipleship guide? 

Good news…we will take care of that for you! We will pray for you and discern who is the best fit to become your discipleship guide. We will use a short questionnaire that gets sent you after you express interest. Through prayer and your responses to this questionnaire we will find you the guide we believe God has for you!

Do I have to meet at a certain time or day? 

No. Once you are paired with a guide the two of you can figure out schedules and when is best time to meet. Most discipleship meetings are 60, 75, or 90 minute meetings and can be adjusted based on your schedule, season of life, and available time. Some meet every week, every other week, or whatever frequency is best for you both.

Is there a curriculum? 

Yes! We use material called Safar to guide our discipleship pairings. This curriculum is free for you as well as your guide. Safar walks you through 30 steps to becoming a faithful follower of Jesus. We have made a video on the curriculum page of the website to better help you understand Safar. Also, you can print this material yourself or pick it up at the church office.

How long will this last? 

Forever! Just kidding. The desire is that you grow in your relationship with Jesus so that you can become a guide. The length of time will differ based upon where you are spiritually, how often you and your guide meet, and when the Lord leads you to begin making disciples yourself! We have found that most pairings are together for a minimum of 9 months.