Care is a ministry that supports and encourages those deeply hurting in our church family.  Hope rises when one discovers they are not alone in their struggle; that Christ and His church are there for them.  If you or someone else in our church is facing a hospitalization, battling a severe illness, experiencing the death of a loved one, or other major crisis, we want to know.  

You can do this by contacting us with specific details at

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a ministry in which one person accompanies another to cultivate a deeper relationship with God for a season.  In this one-on-one trusting relationship, a trained spiritual director or soul care companion listens attentively and assists the individual in recognizing and responding to God’s Presence within the good and hard of life and to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in prayer and conversation.

We have a team of people at Richwoods who are trained in spiritual direction and have a heart for listening to and walking alongside others.  If you are interested, contact Marty Hunt (

Marriage Mentoring 

Marriage Mentoring is a ministry that helps couples draw closer to God and each other, communicate openly and effectively, learn to fight fear, respect each others’ strengths and weaknesses, and become more compassionate and compatible with each other. We have a team of married couples who are trained as marriage mentors in DISC personality and Prepare/Enrich assessment and have hearts to listen, share and walk with pre-married and married couples. If you are interested, contact Marty Hunt (