Student Events

JrHi and SrHi Summer Calendar
(6th grade through 9th grade)
The Crux Summer Calendar
(ages 18-24)
Progressive Dinner_Square

What: Crux Progressive Dinner
When: Sunday, August 13 | 5-8
Where: Various locations around Northtrail park | Meet at the park.
Details: Students will travel -on foot- to different houses in the Northtrail area. Each house will have a different portion of a meal. We will end with S’mores around the bonfire.

What: JrHi Dart Wars
When: Friday, August 18 | 6-9pm
Where: Knoxville Campus | 8115 N. Knoxville Ave.
Cost: $1
Detail: Bring a gun, new friends and $1. Pizza & darts will be provided. No sign up required!

What: SrHi Bonfire
When: Friday, August 18 | 6-9pm
Where: (need a host home)
Detail: Meet us at address above for a night to hangout with friends and roast some S’mores
*Let us know if you would like to host this event at your house.