Rhythms: A Spiritual Direction Retreat for GroupLife Leaders, January 24-26

The rhythms of life are inescapable. The rising and setting of sun and moon, the flow of the tides, the change of the seasons…and the patterns of our lives. As you move to the rhythms of work and play, sleep and wakefulness, solitude and community, is God a part of that dance? He is inviting you to move into the rhythm that exists within Himself—the dance of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Come find out what it could be like to abandon your self-made rhythm and move into His. He invites you to a path of personal growth—a path which will lead you to care for the souls of others, inviting them to join the dance. The Rhythms retreat is an opportunity to grow personally as well as develop deeper community with other believers from Richwoods. We will explore this path at Rhythms: A Spiritual Direction Retreat January 24-26 at Lake Williamson Christian Center in Carlinville, IL.  The retreat will begin at 1pm on Friday and finish Sunday at 2pm.  Space is limited, so apply now by clicking here.

All applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to an approval process. The application process is an important element of the weekend.  It is an opportunity for you to reflect on where you are in your faith journey and thoughtfully consider what may be keeping you from experiencing God’s rhythm to the fullest. It is when we see ourselves as God sees us that we are free to abandon ourselves in the dance with the Trinity.  Cost for the retreat is $50 and covers all meals and lodging for two nights. Questions? Email Jennifer Keffeler.

Here’s what some people have said
about a similar spiritual growth retreat:

“It renewed for me the importance of listening to what God has to say to me about others in my community…how I can love them, serve them, speak words of life to them.”

“It opened my eyes to the depth of my brokenness. In finding that brokenness, I am willing to allow God to fill it, instead of seeking other ways to fill the void. When I allow God to consume me, that Spirit will flow from me to others.”

“What I most took away was that God has a plan for me, that His timing is perfect, and who I am in Him means everything…Does this mean life will be easier or less painful or more or less of anything? Absolutely not. But it does mean that who I am in Christ matters more than what anyone else thinks of me.”