Rhythms: A Spiritual Direction Retreat

Do you:

  1. Hunger to move forward on your spiritual journey and sense there are things holding you back?
  2. Feel as though there must be more to following Christ than what you are currently experiencing?
  3. Sense a longing to know God as your supreme treasure and joy?
  4. Wish to discern the Spirit’s movement in your life through both trials and blessings?
  5. Desire to come alongside others and journey together with them into loving community with the Trinity?
  6. Want to learn how the love that exists between the Father, Son, and Spirit is extended to us and how we are to reflect that love to God and others?

If you are 22 or older and answered “yes” to more than one of the questions, then come to Rhythms: A Spiritual Direction Retreat, where you will learn ways to make yourself available to the Spirit so that He can move in you to make you more like Christ and work through you to care for others.