1. Fill out the online registration form below.

2. Write a “Faith and Life Journey” letter (explained below), and email it to Jennifer Keffeler.

Please prayerfully take some time to answer the questions below as completely as you can in a 2-3 page letter. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on where you are in your faith journey, how you got here, and where you think God may be taking you. It is also an opportunity for you to carefully consider what may be keeping you from experiencing God’s rhythm to the fullest. Former participants have found that writing the answers to these questions provides a starting point for exploration and growth during the retreat.

Your answers to these questions will only be read by the Rhythms Leadership Team (Marty Hunt, Pat Andresen, Melissa Anderson, and Jennifer Keffeler) and will not be shared outside this group. Your letter gives this team a chance to pray for you in advance and to organize small groups. When you have completed your letter, please email it to Jennifer Keffeler.


  1. Where are you on your spiritual journey and how did you get here? Include some of the hardships and blessings in your life that God has used to bring you to this point.
  2. What is keeping you from experiencing God and growing in Christ to the fullest right now? Share at least one spiritual frustration or concern.
  3. Why are you interested in being part of this retreat? What do you hope to learn? How do you hope God will use it in and through your life?

3. Share a short list of Mentors, Influencers, and/or Encouragers
Think of three or four people who have touched your soul, influenced your life, and/or are currently walking with or encouraging you. Please list them with their email addresses and phone numbers and email this list to Jennifer Keffeler. The deadline for registration is Friday, September 26.

Additional Information:
There is an $80 cost per person for the weekend. This includes all meals and lodging for three nights and will be payable after you have been notified that we have received your registration. Payment is due by September 12 and may be submitted by check made out to Richwoods Christian Church. Please do not put your check in the offering! Place it in a white envelope marked ‘Rhythms Retreat’ and bring it to the Connection Point at your campus.

All rooms are double occupancy. You may request a roommate, but we cannot promise that all requests will be granted (however, if you are attending with your spouse, you and your spouse will – of course – share a room).

Please complete this form and click "submit"