Quarterly Report

What’s Trending?

As we close out the financial second quarter, it’s always helpful to look back and observe trends to gain a better perspective of our current status.  The following graphs compare today with the past three years.

4 Year Attendance Comparison

Current Average Attendance: 1331 people
2014 Average Attendance: 1276 people
2013 Average Attendance: 1384 people
2012 Average Attendance: 1334 people

Average Attendance by Month

What we find when we crunch these numbers into annual averages is that Richwoods’ growth has slowed down.  We have held an average of 1330 in attendance throughout the past four years with a greater potential to grow in our mission with smaller campuses like Parkway.

God has called Richwoods to help people find and follow Christ in the Greater Peoria Area and the truth is, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of this great adventure.  Your prayerful support, generous and regular giving, and volunteer efforts are all critical in order for Richwoods to fulfill our redemptive potential.

Giving Trends

Year to Date Giving

Actual Giving: $1440000
Budgeted Giving: $1302000

Giving and cost of ministry trends show we have annual cycles.  Following the blue line, which is this year, you will observe our giving had a significant bump as we closed out our GO Initiative with a big push to raise funds to resurface the Knoxville parking lot.  However, prior to that and during the last two months, giving has dropped below or stayed at giving levels of 2013-14, yet year-to-date giving is $110K over budget.

Cost of Ministry Trends

Year to Date Cost of Ministry

Actual Cost of Ministry: $1496600
Budgeted Cost of Ministry: $1437335

Our cost of ministry is about $60K over budget at this point in the year, which is scary but normal with giving and expense trends.

In Perspective

Putting it all in to perspective

We are a church with great people and resources.  God has blessed us in so many ways beyond “nickels and noses.”  It’s difficult to put numbers on lives being changed as a result of the people of Richwoods working out our calling to help people find and follow Christ.  When our volunteers get together at our Leadership Community gatherings, we tell stories about the work God is doing in and through us and we celebrate.  We have plenty to celebrate and much yet to do in our communities.

Thank you for being part of what God is doing at Richwoods through your generous giving and prayerful support!

Joel Dryden
Executive Pastor

Your Personal Giving Records are on rCircle

If you would like to view your current giving record, you can do so at any time by logging into rCircle, Richwoods’ new online community.  Each regular attender and giver at Richwoods has a secure rCircle account where you are in control of your privacy settings.

Log in at rCircle.us.  If you have questions about rCircle, please send us an email.