Our Vision

The following statements are the result of congregational input and over one year of prayerful discussions among our leadership. You’ll notice they do not include specifics about dates, numbers, or locations. 
We believe those items will take care of themselves down the road. Our primary concern is to convey the desires we unanimously agree the Lord is laying upon our hearts regarding the kind of church we are striving to be.

God desires for us to be:

A Church with a pulse

that is vibrant and passionate; a healthy congregation that strives to grow---not only in number, but also in maturity

A Church that engages

and intentionally draws its people into life-changing relationships with Christ and each other

A Church of one heart

where members of varied backgrounds, unique opinions, and diverse abilities understand the value of their God-given talents as they work in unity of purpose for God’s glory

A Church with opportunities

that offers its members numerous options to serve and receive from an ever increasing variety of specialized, high-quality ministries while striving to maintain closeness and a sense of belonging

A Church that impacts

through love and truth, serving as an influential presence in our community and Christ’s envoy to the world; a congregation where God forever changes the hearts and lives of those who encounter it