Who is the NEXT study guide for? 

  • We want every individual to go through the daily study guide. Even better, we encourage you to invite someone to do it with you.  You can pair up with a coworker, neighbor, and spouse or circle up with a group of friends.

When will the series and study guide begin? 

  • The series and study begin the weekend of September 9th and they run for 5 weeks.

What about the video content?

  • See the videos below
  • Use our app which is available for Android and iOS. Search “Richwoods”

If I’m leading others and get stuck, where can I get help?

  • E-mail us at next@richwoods.org
  • Click the “Leader Tips” link for videos tailored for those leading others.

If you are “pairing-up” or “circling-up” with others using the study guide, be sure to check this page for great tips and best practices.

Session One: Believe

Believing is a foundational step in our walk with God and an ongoing journey toward greater faith. This study looks at what it really means to believe and how our trust in God should affect all of life.

Session Two: Belong

Although we were designed for this kind of belonging, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. In this session we’ll look at why it’s so important for us to be part of a community with other Christians and how God uses these experiences to help us grow, serve, and learn more about him.


 Session Three: Build

There are a lot of different kinds of church buildings, but none of these are the church. instead, the church is people—those who believe in Christ and follow him. In this week we’re looking at what it means to be created, called, and gifted for ministry and how God is building us into his church.


 Session Four: Bless

For Christians, every day is a day to “pay it forward.” Because of the great blessings we have received through Christ, we have the privilege—and the responsibility—to bless others.


 Session Five: Become

As Christians, we can also experience failure to thrive. Instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to transform us, we can get discouraged by our circumstances or feel afraid of embracing our brokenness. In this study, we are looking at what it means to yield to the holy spirit’s work in and through us in the lifelong process of becoming more like Christ.