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Leader Lifter: Watch this first!

SWEATY PALMS ARE A HEALTHY SIGN. Scripture says God is gracious to the humble. Remember Who is in control. The time to worry is when you’re not worried. Those who are soft in heart (and sweaty-palmed) are those through whom God is sure to speak. SEEK SUPPORT. Ask your leader, co-leader, or close friend to pray for you and prepare with you before the session. Walking through the study will help you anticipate potentially difficult questions and discussion topics.

BRING YOUR UNIQUENESS TO THE STUDY. Lean into who you are and how God wants you to lead the study uniquely.

PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE. Go through the session several times. If you are using the video, listen to the teaching segment and Leadership Lifter videos below. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare.

ASK FOR FEEDBACK SO YOU CAN GROW. Perhaps in an email or on cards handed out at the study, have everyone write down three things you did well and one thing you could improve on. Don’t get defensive. Instead, show an openness to learn and grow.

Leader Lifter: Session Two – Creating ownership with your group

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