Mobilized for Impact

antsThroughout the next five years the people of Richwoods will mobilize to energetically build the ministries of the church and generously bless the world around them through missional service.

I love thinking about what that actually looks like in the future. The impact Richwoods will have in our community and beyond for the good of Christ and his Kingdom is intriguing, yet it will take a fair amount of effort on our part.

The statement implies that everyone will be mobilized. Mobilization takes leadership, training, and structure – not necessarily from staff but mostly from volunteer leadership. From my perspective, this is the most important aspect of the PEACE Plan – equipping and empowering all of the people of Richwoods to be part of what God is doing all around us. Being this kind of church means leading and following. I learned a long time ago that one of the charter qualities of an effective leader is being a great follower. We all have our opinions on how to do things, or at least how we would do things, and we all know what happens if there are too many cooks in the kitchen. Mobilizing will require us all to sync up with vision, strategy, and terminology. When we sync up we can produce the kind of energy it will take to have the impact we believe God is calling us to.

Before the end of this year, we will introduce a small group study guide to help us all understand how God has gifted us and how he can use our past experiences to be part of his Great Mobilization.

One tangible thing you can do this week is pick up an Operation Christmas Child shoebox and/or food drive grocery bag at your campus. The shoebox is an opportunity to generously bless children across the globe and the grocery bag is an opportunity to bless people in our local community. There are detailed instructions for each inside the bags and boxes. Just remember these items need to be brought back by Sunday, November 13.


Weekend Attendance

Knoxville Campus

Parkway Campus


Weekend Giving

On average Richwoods needs to receive $39.1K in gifts to meet its 2016 operating expenses, 10% of which goes immediately to Missions and helping people in our community who are experiencing financial troubles.

Knoxville Campus: $32.5K
Parkway Campus: $1.5K
Total Giving: $34.0K
Weekly Anticipated Giving: $39.1K

2016 Cash Balance

As a policy we must have at least 2 weeks of average weekly income in our cash balance at all times, currently that figure is $75K.

YTD Giving

Our budgets are set on a calendar year, submitted by staff and approved by the Elders of Richwoods.  Our ability to meet the needs of the people, provide programs, offer ministry opportunities, and so on, are all contingent on the faithful and generous giving of the people who call Richwoods their church home.  As a church we do not take annual pledges to set a budget but we work off of our historical giving and attendance patterns to project a conservative budget.

Year To Date Giving: $1,550,308
Year To Date Anticipated Giving: $1,717,783

If you have questions about the information shared in this fyi, you can contact our Executive Pastor, Joel Dryden by email.  You can also leave a comment below.


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