Missed It, Again

I hate to admit it, I came so close, but got so caught up in my agenda that I missed another opportunity.

I was headed home from work after having completed several errands and I was anxiously awaiting putting my energy into a landscaping project. Heading up a busy route 150 and there it was, a car pulled over to the side with a flat tire. I tried to ignore it, keeping my mind on things I wanted to get done, but then I noticed the owner of the car wrestling the spare out of the trunk.

“She’s got this,” I told myself as I drove by. A quarter mile passed and the temperature gauge caught my eye, 88º. Looking quickly for oncoming traffic my hands guided my truck across the four lane highway and stopped behind the crippled vehicle. She was making a valiant effort with the lug nuts on the blown tire, but her boyfriend had apparently used an air wrench to secure them.

Retrieving a few tools from under my back seat I proceeded to change the tire for this gal, who continued to express her gratitude. I felt a prompting to relieve a bit of the pressure of her needing to be thankful by asking a few questions about her and her boyfriend. How long have you been together? Where did you meet? Where do you work? And so on. I was doing such a great job being curious about her, investing in a relationship…and then I was done with the tire and my mind shifted back to my own project.

I put the blown tire in her trunk, she closed it up, thanked me again and was off. Then and there it struck me, I missed an opportunity to be inquisitive about her church background, and to eventually linking my helping her to the way we live as children of God at Richwoods, giving generously of our time, energy, and resources.

I missed it this time, but now I’m a little more aware of my weakness. Let’s continue to search hard for opportunities to invest in relationships with others we don’t know and fully take advantage of these moments to invite others to experience what we love about Richwoods.

Weekend Attendance

Knoxville Campus Saturday

Knoxville Campus Sunday

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Weekend Giving

On average Richwoods needs to receive $39.1K in gifts to meet its 2017 operating expenses, 10% of which goes immediately to Missions and helping people in our community who are experiencing financial troubles.

Knoxville Campus: $32.7K
Parkway Campus: $2.7K
Total Giving: $35.4K
Weekly Anticipated Giving: $39.1K

If you have questions about the information shared in this fyi, you can contact our Executive Pastor, Joel Dryden by email.  You can also leave a comment below.


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