Leadership Development


Great leadership comes from a pure heart and skillful hands, at Richwoods we want to develop leadership by not only cultivating a leader’s skill set, but their heart as well.  Gardner’s have a saying, “Feed the soil, and the plants will take care of themselves.” In other words, if the soil is right—containing the proper nutrients, php balance, and moisture—the plants will naturally grow healthy.

In each leaders personal life, healthy growth happens when they carefully tend the soil of their heart in conjunction with gaining knowledge, and developing skills.  This page is meant to be a resource for those individuals at Richwoods who are helping to BUILD the church.

If you are just getting started in leadership at Richwoods there are a couple things that are required expectations for you to fulfill in the next 12-18 months.  You can still lead without having completed these requirements, but they do need to be completed.

The first is to attend a Discovering Richwoods

The second is to complete a Volunteer Orientation

We would also encourage you to join our community of leadership at Richwoods that meets three times a year on Saturday from 9-10:15am at our Knoxville Campus.  We call this event our Leadership Community, and it’s a wonderful time to celebrate what God has been doing and hear first hand where God seems to be leading us as a church.

Lastly, below are four links to pages with resources to be used within a group of 2-10 others.  These are book summaries we have partitioned into four sequential categories.  There is a common assessment sheet within each category for the group to use, as well as a common discussion guide to be used.

These can be study as an individual, but as we all know our ability to learn increases exponentially when we learn with others.


You lead at the grass roots, you are who people outside of the church identify with as who we are as Richwoods.  These resources will help you be a better leader of yourself.

Leader of Others

Leading others takes on a set of coaching responsibilities and skills.  These resources will help you as you lead others.

Leader of Leaders

It’s not easy leading leaders, but it can be done with grace and effectiveness.  These resources will increase your ability to inspire the best in leaders.

Ongoing Development

These resources are advanced studies on organizational planning, culture, and much more.  Jump in as you wish.