home to home

Our H2H groups take on a variety of forms, but they all center on the same mission of helping people find and follow Christ in the context of community.

Some groups form based on geography (e.g., we’re all from Washington), or affinity (e.g., we love to go camping), or life-stage (e.g., kids of similar age). There really is no established norm for the makeup of our H2H groups!

These are simply diverse groups of men and women (singles, marrieds, kids, no kids, young, old, et cetera) that appreciate our need for one another in friendship and spiritual growth.

home to home
knoxville campus || sunday, august 26 5pm – 6pm at the knoxville campus
questions? email chris workman

east campus || sunday, september 2 12pm – 2pm at fon du lac park west
questions? email ken stewart


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w2w (women to women)
women joining other women desiring transparent friendships and authentic faith

c2c (couple to couple)
young couples seeking encouragement, hope and a model for a good and authentic marriage

m2m (men to men)
men empowering one another through strong friendships to be godly men who help others find and follow Christ

h2h (home to home)
friends living connected in each other’s home for fellowship, prayer, bible discussion and service