We want to help everyone to connect with Christ and other believers in open, authentic relationships through which we grow stronger in our faith and learn to love others. While our faith is very personal, it is not meant to be private. It is lived out within the context of a healthy faith community where we listen well and speak the truth in love. Here we both give and receive encouragement, accountability, and care.


 Do you like to laugh? Do you want a better marriage? Mark Gungor’s DVD seminar takes on some of the most common areas married couples face. He uses humor to unravel the complexities of marriage and to reveal biblical truths for husbands and wives to build a healthier, stronger marriage. In this six-week class, you will have fun discovering you are not alone in the challenges and blessings of your marriage journey!

Cost: $15 per person ($30 for couple)
Thursdays at 6:30pm
Date: TBA (6 weeks)
Location: Parkway Campus
Refreshments provided.
Childcare provided.


Financial. Peace. Two words that don’t normally go together. But wait – there’s hope! Who says we have to be “normal”? Besides, “normal” is broke! This is amazing nine-week class experience using the Dave Ramsey’s series in large and small group settings. Come learn how to “live like no one else” so that later you can “live like no one else!” 

Cost: $100
Thursdays at 6:30-8pm
Date: TBA (9-weeks)
Location: Knoxville Campus
Refreshments provided.

Childcare provided. 


We believe everyone has been gifted uniquely to help Build the church. God expects each of us to contribute to the good of his kingdom and experience the satisfaction he provides when we are apart of something bigger than ourselves — apart of the work God is doing in and through us. Volunteer Staff Orientation is a workshop for every volunteer or (potential volunteer) to help them understand why Richwoods does what it does and how each individual fits into our calling.

Cost: It’s Free!
Thursdays at 6:30pm
Location: Parkway Campus – TBA (4 weeks) OR Knoxville Campus – TBA (4 weeks)
Refreshments provided.

Childcare provided.