East Campus


Ken Stewart
Campus Pastor

Thanks for taking a minute to poke around our website today and we welcome you to the East Campus page! East Campus started in January of 2011 at Central Junior High and eventually moved over to Embassy Suites.

Vibrant worship, practical messages, engaging children’s ministry, and opportunities for building community. All within a safe, welcoming atmosphere. Looking for a place to worship and learn more about Jesus can be difficult.

Update on East Campus Sept. 30, 2015


GroupLife is for people to connect with Christ and other believers in open, authentic relationships. In the midst of those relationships, we grow stronger in our faith and learn to better love one another. There are a wide variety of opportunities to interact for men, women and couples. We would love to help you get involved!


Pick a campus.

As a multisite church you have a choice of where and when attend Richwoods. Some pick a campus based on geography, others based on relationships, whatever your reason it doesn’t really matter—you get to choose! Try one and stay or try them all.

Show up early for breakfast.

Believe it or not, it’s pretty common for Richwoods’ regulars. Each of our campuses has a “Common” area for people to connect with each other and enjoy some locally roasted, fresh brewed coffee and amazing donuts, (or cookies and popcorn if you prefer Saturday Night). Point is, the people of Richwoods love to hang out and chat with each other, so, show up early and join us for breakfast.

Don't be shy.

There are not too many things more awkward than visiting a church for the first time. We know this first hand and we want to encourage you to not be shy when you visit us for the first time. In each of our Commons we have a place called the “Connection Point.” It’s staffed with real people just like you, no sales staff or assimilation ninjas, just real people who love Richwoods and want to help you discover us as a church. So, don’t be shy—head on over to the Connection Point and introduce yourself, we might even put a travel mug in your hand just for the effort.

Get engaged.

You’ve made it this far, therefore we will assume you’ve moved beyond the curiosity stage and are ready to call Richwoods your home church!

We are a church with almost endless opportunities to get involved.  It takes over 400 people laughing and working together to provide weekend services and ministry through out the week.  We’d love to get you involved in a ministry best suiting your passion and gifts.