We expect all of our attenders to actively participate in the life of Richwoods by serving and sharing in ministry, which allows us to be the hands and feet of Jesus as He builds His church. In this way, we enable the church to be effective in carrying out its mission, and we help encourage and support each other in our individual walks with Christ. This involves a conscious decision to move from consumer to contributor.

–  JUMP IN  –

Maybe you’re one of those people who know how God has gifted you and you’re ready to jump in right now.  If so, that’s great!  Start here with this quick form to help us get to know you and make the right connection with a ministry leader.


Are you reading all of this and wondering, “Where do I start?”  You’re not alone.  Many of us are not sure where we want to get involved, and often just not sure what the best fit is for us.  We’ve developed a great way to help you discover your “SHAPE” for ministry.  There are several ways to work through this process: class, small group, or self-study.  We obviously think working through the process in the class setting is optimal as it give you the opportunity to meet new people and work with other volunteers who will help you find the best fit for you.