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fingerart-connecting“Christ followers are going to have to make a choice. Are we going to spend our life connecting with people or correcting them?”

Last month I was able to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, one of the speakers was John Maxwell who, as always, brought the heat to those within earshot by asking questions like the one above.

As a church, this is one of our unwritten values – one that makes us different from many other good churches in our area.  Our mission statement intentionally uses the word helping to make it clear we are not attempting to convince, correct, or manipulate people to find and follow Christ.  Helping means just that, we will come alongside people wherever they are and help them.

The act of noticing people adds value to others as we step outside of our personal agenda and engage in life with them.  It seems simple in concept, yet the execution takes a change in our everyday habits.  Maxwell insisted on the principle of living intentionally to break downhill habits and to avoid accidental achievement.

Intentionally connecting with people adds value to their life and creates a relational context of respect, trust, and engagement where helping is invited and empowered.  Maxwell gave us a chart to visualize adding value to others in a continual cycle for motivation and real change.


Are you intentionally adding value to others everyday?  It’s going to take some effort, but it will be worth it as we live like Christ everywhere we go.

Weekend Attendance

Knoxville Campus

Parkway Campus


Weekend Giving

On average Richwoods needs to receive $39.1K in gifts to meet its 2016 operating expenses, 10% of which goes immediately to Missions and helping people in our community who are experiencing financial troubles.

Knoxville Campus: $31.6K
Parkway Campus: $1.6K
Total Giving: $33.2K
Weekly Anticipated Giving: $39.1K

2016 Cash Balance

As a policy we must have at least 2 weeks of average weekly income in our cash balance at all times, currently that figure is $75K.  Combined with the cost of replacing the roof at $140K the total we would need to have in our cash balance by the end of October would be $215K.  The cash balance is as of the Friday prior to the date of this posting.  Figures in the graph are in thousands ($K).

YTD Giving

Our budgets are set on a calendar year, submitted by staff and approved by the Elders of Richwoods.  Our ability to meet the needs of the people, provide programs, offer ministry opportunities, and so on, are all contingent on the faithful and generous giving of the people who call Richwoods their church home.  As a church we do not take annual pledges to set a budget but we work off of our historical giving and attendance patterns to project a conservative budget.

Year To Date Giving: $1,274,638
Year To Date Anticipated Giving: $1,283,391

If you have questions about the information shared in this fyi, you can contact our Executive Pastor, Joel Dryden by email.  You can also leave a comment below.


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